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Egg & Tomato

Egg & Tomato

Last week, by way of Bruce Lawson’s tumblr, I learned of the Lion of Gripsholm Castle. In short, it’s a lion that was stuffed by a taxidermist who had never seen a lion. He was only handed the skin. This recipe is similar. I’ve eated Tomato Eggs a few times, since it’s a common dish [...] Read More »

Published on August 7 under Eggs · Paleo

Carrot & Fat Pork

Carrot and Fat Pork

Every other dinner I cook includes this dish because it is so quick to cook, in large part because I keep boxes of prepped vegetables in the refrigerator for instantaneous use. The cooking time is under 10 minutes in that case. The prep is only another 10 or 15 from scratch. What I Used Fat [...] Read More »

Published on July 25 under Paleo · Pork

Pork Stomach & Celery

Pork Stomach and Chinese Celery

With 10 months between posts you might think I’ve given up on cooking food, that I’m resolved to drowning in buckets of KFC, frequenting ma la tang street stalls, and sampling the hundreds of restaurants within walking distance. But the truth is I’ve never cooked more in my life. Problem is, I’ve been cooking completely [...] Read More »

Published on July 18 under Paleo · Pork

Chinese Coca-Cola Chicken

Chinese Coca-Cola Chicken

Question: What makes a dish Chinese? There are undeniable classics, like Husband and Wife Lung Slices (Fūqī Fèipiàn, 夫妻肺片). You can find it in many restaurants, the dish has a distinct history, and the ingredients used are identifiably Chinese in combination. So let’s look at today’s recipe. You probably wont find it in a Chinese [...] Read More »

Published on September 14 under Chicken

Mangosteen Walnut Pops

Mangosteen Walnut Pops

Returning from a three and a half month absence of food blogging because you’ve just relocated to Southeast Asia is, to be dead honest, painful. There’s too much that needs to be said and you feel powerless to do an adequate job. It will have to wait until I can process, break it down, and [...] Read More »

Published on July 12 under Dessert · Vegetarian

I’m Moving To China

Chinese flag

I don’t mean, “I love Chinese food; I should totally move to China.” I mean, “In 7 hours I’ll be on a plane headed to Hong Kong.” For reals, I’m moving to effin China. If you want the whole background story and detailed scoop, check out the post I wrote on my giving-shit-away blog. But [...] Read More »

Published on March 26 under Uncategorized

Oyster [Mushroom]

There’s good news and bad news. The good news: This is one of two things I’ve made that I would actually serve in a restaurant, were I the kind of guy who owned the kind of restaurant that brought you an amouse-bouche to kick off a meal. Plus, the recipe is stupid easy. If I’m [...] Read More »

Published on February 5 under Appetizers · Seafood

Graham Cracker Apple Tart w/ Vanilla Caramel & Nutmeg Whipped Cream

Graham Cracker Apple Tart, Vanilla Caramel, Nutmeg Whipped Cream

“I don’t bake.” You’ll hear folks say those three little words for a wide range of reasons. A few are turning their noses up, as if to say, “Bake? That’s for women and peasants!” as though the grill and sauté pan are the only viable means of introducing heat to raw ingredients. We’ll refer to [...] Read More »

Published on January 11 under Dessert

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